Product Line Information

Anvil Cases – The most comprehensive selection of standard sizes available in the product protection business as well as an inexhaustible range of custom and specialty sizes.

Kendall Howard – Innovative rack products start with innovative design. Kendall Howard believes new designs means overcoming new challenges.

Optima-Stantron – Stantron Pioneer Cabinets, Frontier Security Consoles, Broadcast Racks, Audio Visual (A/V) Racks, Modular Networking Frames, Relay Racks, Wall Mount Cabinets, Seismic Rack Frames, and Rack Accessories

Pelican Cases – Industrial, sport and professional cases are designed for active professionals. Pelican Protector cases are watertight and unbreakable. An incredibly light structural foam resin shell always looks new, and is unaffected by dents, scratches or corrosion. Sized for every need, they meet and far exceed the highest standards of industrial, airline, military and commercial applications. Anything that can be damaged by everyday hazards is safe in a Pelican Protector case.

SKB – SKB is known around the world as a leading innovator and manufacturer of the finest musical instrument and equipment cases.

Zarges Aluminum Cases – If you’re looking for aluminum cases, you’re looking for Zarges!